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About us
    JONSUN is a family run business. The Company has grown to a leading professional Mattress &Sofa Materials manufacturer with ISO9001 Certified in China.
    Products ranged widely in categories of: Hotmelt(calendared) Felt, Needle-punched Felt, Auto. &Appliance Base Felt, Nonwoven Felt, Mattress webbing Tape, Thread and other Mattress Hardware accessories.
    All of the above products have been highly recommended by esteemed buyers and professionals around the world. Excellence in quality and International competitiveness are the main factors of popularity.
    JONSUN not only has strong manufacturing facilities, but also is supported by multiple functions of technic and Unified Logistics Service.
    JONSUN kept upgrading our designing products characteristic capability, insist on every kind of product, meets the requirements of international standards and follows the trend of global innovation safe and environment friendly.
    Thanks to several international well-known Mattress Brands which have trusted JONSUN for their OEM raw materials supply. With such experiences, we have international insights and better consideration for product design. JONSUN Mattress Materials expects innovation and contribution to the development of mattress Furniture Industry.
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